Being a Coach’s Wife

10 Jan

by Sara Merritt
The Football Wife
July 24, 2009
It’s been asked of me, “What’s it like being a coach’s wife?”  It’s not THAT bad.  In fact, it’s kind of fun.  How many women can say that their husband’s job entertains (& stresses) them 11 Saturdays a year?
I feel like I’m the new breed of “Coach’s Wife” — I’m young, a new mother, independent.  I am supportive of my husband, but I also value my own interests.  I don’t let football rule my entire life — you won’t find me wearing our team’s football t-shirts around town or carrying a blinged-out football handbag.  I save my pom-poms for game day.  Know what I mean? 
You do have to make room for football in your life.  It’s your bread & butter.  Will your husband work long hours?  Yes.  Would you rather have him punch a clock or have a career that he’s passionate about?
Here is my advice…
FOOTBALL.  Embrace it.  Try not to learn too many of the rules — it ruins the fun.  Stop by practice.  Learn the kids’ names.  Meet their parents.  Let your own kids run wild in the end zone after the game.  Bake cookies for the staff.  Get involved.  Hug the mascot.  Eat dinner together — even if it’s at the office.  Be creative –try sewing, painting, or scrapbooking.  Get together with other wives.  Dress your baby in a cheerleading outfit.  Paint a paw print on her face.  Learn to mow the lawn.  Redecorate.  Plan after-the-game parties.  Enjoy control of the remote.  Netflix girlie movies.  Go to church on Sundays.  Make a treat basket for your Coach.  Invite the [players] over for dinner.  Hire players’ girlfriends [or the cheerleaders] to babysit your children.  Smile.  Keep your fingers crossed for a winning season.
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